I have more than 16+ years experience in the teaching industry, of these, I have 6 years of software development experience. For the past 4 years, I have been continuously teaching on Hadoop related technologies. Throughput my career as a teacher, I have learned that if you are just teaching to earn and not do educate, then something is wrong: you are not a great teacher. Teaching is more than just a profession, it’s about dedication, observation, planning, mentoring and technology. But We are not here to discuss about ways of teaching. This blog is all about to guide you choose the best Hadoop tutorial. I have put my best effort to put unbiased complete analysis report.

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Discover Hadoop: the path to a better Career

 If you are looking for the best opportunities and highly paid salary in the IT industry, then this is the time to start learning Big Data. Big Data is the new talk in in the industry and it is creating huge job opportunities in the IT job market. Irregardless of your specialization, whether an Architect, a Developer, a Business person or a Tester, you would need to learn Big Data technologies and join in the league that would take your career to the next level. It’s currently the most growing field in the IT pyramid.

Learning Hadoop by Yourself

There is a challenge in learning Big Data on your own. It will take you a lot of time to figure out where to start from. And if you have chosen the wrong materials, you may end up wasting a lot of time and getting nothing. Understanding Big Data Technologies such as Hadoop is not just a walk in the park. Hadoop installation and operation require some skills and experience in Linux/UNIX and Java, and in this case it’s advised that you get some level training. Getting tutorials, classes or Learning materials in this case will get you on your toes in learning Hadoop technology. Although, there are those who are able to learn on their own using freely available materials, it’s just not possible for a majority.

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Pay the Cost to get best: Best Tutorial comes with a Price, not free

Nothing comes at a free cost, free things are very expensive and will cost you more than you expect. It might not cost you money, but it will cost you your time. You will spend a lot of time watching and reading multiple sources trying to find out what suits you. If you are taking free courses, you will never find all the resources in one place. Getting the relevant materials will cost you, and don’t overlook the probability of going with the wrong materials. So I will advise that if you are really serious, then don’t go with free courses.

If you intend to become a professionally qualified expert in Big Data technology, then free-tutorial courses will not help you to get there. To get the best, you will have to pay for those who have decided to share their knowledge and skills, and made it available you.

If you are already thinking of purchasing or enrolling to an online training, then I would advise you to take your time to think and choose what suites you well.

Different categories of online tutorials and training materials are available; the only difference is the choice you make. It’s wise to go with the offer which gives the best for your financial value.

Categories Online tutorials

Online training materials can be grouped as shown below:


Being an expert and having gone through a lot of online tutorials, I must say that it’s indeed confusing to make the final choice on which one is right for you. It’s even harder to the long list available tutorials and get the right one that suites you, it’s a nightmare.

This review comes in to save you from all the work-load of visiting one site to another to find the right suit. Sticking to this review could save you a lot of time and effort. Our job here is to review the most popular and mostly used Hadoop tutorials, courses and training available online. We also go deeper into their advantages and disadvantages so that you can have a better judgment of what is good for you.

In the below reviews, we have looked at some of the most popular paid Hadoop training. They entail demo lectures and their links, advantages, disadvantages and ratings given on a scale of 1 to 5.

Hadoop online training and tutorials can be grouped as follows:


  • Branded company hadoop training
  • Non-branded hadoop training and hadoop video tutorials
    • Live classes
    • Online classes
    • Self-paced learning
  • Paid Webinars or online classes
  • Recommended Hadoop books


  • Online videos
  • Websites
  • Free hadoop books

Branded Company Hadoop training

All of the branded company hadoop training are way too expensive for an individual but would be of the highest quality. If your company if ready to bear the hadoop course expense or you find it affordable, please have a look at the company training offered. 

As an Instructor, my personal advice is, go for branded company hadoop training only if your company is ready take the cost. Still much reviews or feedback are not available for branded company Hadoop feedback.

Cloudera training for apache hadoop

If you have money and willing spend $3300 on online course, then Cloudera  will be the best option for you. To me this is a huge amount of money for an individual especially when you can pay less and still get the same content quality or even better.

You can just close your eyes and choose Cloudera courses, but just remember that money matters. This will cost you an approximated 2.2 laksh INR.

Cost: $ 3195 USD

More information:

HP – Hadoop for Systems Administrators

3 Day-Course

Cost: Check cost as per your Country


 Cost: $700

Non-branded Hadoop training & Video tutorial

As an instructor, I must always be updated with the changes on daily basis. I just randomly purchased and the realization of the content and how it compiled was amazing. Despite the fact that it was cheap, the delivery and organization of the courses if professionally done and presented in a way that is easy for beginners to and experts to get along easily. I would advice you that if you are thinking of taking an online course, and get the best quality at a lower price, the go for KloudMagica BigData Courses. If you have a lot of money, then you can go for Cloudera.

KLOUDMAGICA( Rating : 5/5)

Price after applying coupon (L3DEUC7BJJ): 75 USD



Lifetime Course Access

  • Global Accreditation
  • Live Interactive Webinars
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Availability of detailed Certification Quiz
  • Affordable and Cheapest in the market (If you are going for the paid one)
  • Tutorial materials compiled by experienced expert(professional)
  • The courses are well explained and easy to follow
  • Most of the videos have quizzes (with good questions)
  • Interview questions are included in the tutorials
  • Related courses are compiled together and available in one place
  • Save your time by taking self-paced classes. Self-paced courses allow you to plan for your time
  • Watch video, play quiz and certification quiz as many times you want


  • The audio voice is low. So you will need a good quality headphones or earphones.
  • It’s still new in the market and less known on the internet. It’s like the diamond hidden in huge coal mines

Detailed information on courses and tutorials offered by KloudMagica are available at

DeZyre (Rating: 4/5)

DeZyre believes that the best way to learn job-skills is from industry professionals.So they are building an alternate higher education system, when you can learn job-skills from industry experts and get certified by companies. They partner with companies to jointly develop courses and offer certificates and diplomas.

These courses are delivered through a live interactive online platform to which you get lifetime access.


  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Live Interactive Webinars
  • Experienced Industry Professionals
  • 24/7 Technical Support


  • It’s very expensive for individuals
  • Most courses require prerequisite skills or courses

Cost:  INR 39,900

More information on pricing:

SimpliLearn ((Rating : 2.5/5)

I just don’t know why they have their courses offered at a higher and expensive cost. To me, the quality just don’t much with the price.


  • global accreditation
  • qualified trainers
  • 400+ offered courses


It’s very expensive for individuals and price doesnot match with price.

  • Most courses require prerequisite skills or courses
  • Focuses majorly on corporate training


  • INR 44999

More information on pricing:

Hadoop Developer Certification Made Easy(((Rating: 3.5/5)

Ref link Hadoop Developer Certification Made Easy


  • The most cost effective hadoop tutorial with full value for money.
  • Lifetime access
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Trains you as a professional and to clear certification.
  • Ideal for an individual.


  • Queries should not be expected to be answered instantaneously. You need to wait till your post is seen. 

Summary: With 22 5 star reviews and money back guarantee, by far the best buy.

Cost $198


Protech training((Rating : 3/5)


·       Great presentation.

·       Instructor highly knowledgeable. 

·       Course content can be customized to the people.

·       Ideal for corporate.


·       Individuals cannot start right at the offset. They need to be in groups of at least 5 to start a class.

·       Expensive for individuals

Summary: Good if you are sponsored by the company.

Cost $1700+


Demo lecture:

Edureka((Rating : 2/5)

Information:  4 weeks weekend 2 hours batch, i.e., 16 hours of course. Or 1 hour weekend class for 8 weeks.


·       Trainers are warm and courteous.

·       In case you miss the lectures they would provide with the recording for that day.

·       24/7 support.


·       Delivery of lesson is highly unprofessional and casual most of the times.

·       They spend much money on adverts than the quality of courses they offer

·       They waste a lot learners time but talking much to increase the learning duration.

·       Concepts explained lack depth and completeness.

·       There is lot of jumping around the topics.

·       Lot of time is wasted in setup.

Summary: Join at your own risk.

Cost $242


Tech e Training(((Rating : 2/5)

Demo Lecture

Tech E Training provides IT trainings in many fields. There course is for Hadoop Developer and would cover a little about Hadoop administrator as well.


  • Credentials of trainer are impressive (assuming that the claims are true).
  • Knowledge of the trainer as a coder is good.
  • In case you miss the lectures they would provide with the recording for that day.


  • Although the Trainer has impressive credentials but is not a great “Trainer”.
  • The presentation quality is poor.
  • Expensive for individuals.
  • Providing nothing special which you can say it matches with price.
  • The trainer lacks professionalism in understanding the question and explanation.
  • Background disturbance reflects unprofessional-ism. At the cost such as asked, higher quality is expected.
  • Trainer claims even person with non-coding background can become a Hadoop developer. This claim is a little dubious.


They offer less quality as compared to their cost. You will have to be asking questions to get something good out of the training. They do not go in depth and paying $600 USD is just too much.

Cost $600 for 42 hours in 21 days.

Intellipaat(Rating: 2/5)


  • Need to find out


  • Presentation is very slow (presentor explains everything by writing)
  • Many distractions during lessons.
  • They spend much money on adverts that the quality of courses they offer to learners.
  • It has no difference with freely available online courses. It’s a waste of time
  • Content is not up to the mark
  • 30-35 hours is a very less time to learn all the things which the course is providing

Not much value for money

Cost $400 for 30-35 hrs

Demo lecture


Another List

There are so many other players in the Hadoop industry, but I did not find them worth featuring in this industry. The few that I have listed are the best ones at the moment.

Recommended Books

  • hadoop: the definitive guide – tom white – a must read.
  • Pro Apache Hadoop – a must read.

In the end, please suggest if you require further reviews on any of the hadoop courses, hadoop training, hadoop tutorials or hadoop online classes.

Free – Hadoop online tutorials




The truth is, there is no structured and well organized course which is free. A lot of training materials are available for free, but they are not structured for beginner students to follow. Below is list of available free-tutorials, but they are not recommended since they are complicated.

  • hadoop – ydn – yahoo! developer network
  • hardtop-skills: big data and hadoop essentials
  • mapr academy: hadoop tutorial and training videos online
  • big data university: learn hadoop & big data with free courses
  • ibm hadoop tutorial
  • coreservlets – hadoop tutorial

Kindly merge “which tutorial is best for me” and “suggestions”

Which tutorial is best for me?

If you are thinking of getting the best self-paced online training and tutorial materials with experienced online instructors. If you are looking for self-paced learning courses with cheap and affordable prices. If you really want to save on your budget and still get the best applicable and quality knowledge and skills, then my advice is: go for Kloudmagica. for affordable price, you’ll be able to access and learn from experienced instructors. if your budget is higher and you’re willing to pay more than $2000 usd, then go for cloudera. i will not suggest any other. edureka, intellipat and simplilearn are out of question, i wouldn’t even talk about them. Dezyre is somewhere matching Kloudmagica, i totally don’t see the reason why you should spend 3 times while you are getting the same value and quality.

I don’t see why you should spend 20k-2 laksh inr on a classroom training while you can spend less and learn the same at your own timing and schedule. I would suggest that you take your online training with Kloudmagica. Kloudmagica is providing a huge list of quizzes along with interview questions. a course from Kloudmagica will only cost you around $100 usd (currently an offer is ongoing), the rest of money you can spend on certification. cloudera is charging $125 usd for mock test, you can clearly see the difference here.


If you have money, then please go for cloudera courses or choose Kloudmagica. Don’t waste time on free courses or other non-branded company.

Why I am saying for the KloudMagica, because money matters and you need knowledge and knowledge doesn’t need branding . KloudMagica is providing 300-400 quiz questions with 35-40 hours of videos and interview questions, this gives you a lot more for the practice. You can learn at your own pace and speed, you can practice before going for the Cloudera certification. The teaching style is awesome so you can simply join and be part of the smart team. Through KloudMagica, now you don’t have to waste time in classrooms.

This is why I’m against going to classroom training. Simply put, it’s a waste of time and money, and this is why.

  • You’ll have to reach your classroom about 15 minutes before the lesson starts. Adding this to the time you take from where you come from to the institution, you’ll realize how much is wasted.

KloudMagica gives you the flexibility to study from wherever your location is provided that you have internet connectivity. It also has properly edited the course materials to save your time.

I know right now you are thinking of why not just learn from YouTube courses. YouTube courses are hard to follow and sometimes along the way you get lost. This is because the causes are not professionally directed to meet the learners needs, and most of the available courses are not complete. KloudMagica will get you all the necessary and up to date materials you need for your certification. It continuously adding the quiz and interview questions.

Putting some factors that we have looked at into consideration, you will get a clear way of choosing your learning materials wisely. This will save you a lot of time, confusion and effort. Our expert team has put a lot of energy to go through available training materials online bring an unbiased and reliable reviews for you. We have looked into the most popular hadoop tutorials and courses available. Their cons and pros have also been discussed in detail. The choice is now left for you.

So finally

My conclusion is: always keep your first choice to be Cloudera, second choice Kloudmagica and third one DeZyre. Don’t think of anything less that if you want to get the best out of your training.